Tips & Tricks: Saving Tomato Paste

For years I was always frustrated that you buy 6 oz. of tomato paste and use only 1 tablespoon in most recipes. Throw it away? That seemed too wasteful and I didn’t know how to save the tomato paste.  So I switched to the more expensive concentrate in a tube. Then one day my dear friend and great cook, Melissa taught me this trick and the light bulb went off with a big sign above saying “duh”. I never bought the $6 concentrate again and I’m now back to paying only $.60 for 6 oz.

Place a square of wax paper on a baking sheet. Measure out tablespoon mounds of tomato paste on the wax paper.


Cover a with another piece of wax paper and press in between the mounds. Freeze them flat on the pan for a couple of hours.


Then cut in between the tablespoons of paste and store the pre-measured amounts in a freezer bag. When you need to use them just take them out and leave them on the counter when you start cooking, since they defrost quickly.

Frozen Tomato Paste


Tips & Tricks: Saving Tomato Paste

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  1. I´ve just thrown away half of can. This is a fantastic tip. Thank you for sharing it! Greetings from Brazil!

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