Ice Cube Grilled Corn


I recently went back to Chicagoland for a visit and I was lucky enough to score a delicious dinner with some dear old high school running friends. A friend of Kristen and mine from high school, Colleen taught me an awesome trick for grilled corn. My family loves corn on the cob. We sometimes grill it, but I boil it a lot too. This technique of grilling it in foil it the best of both worlds – the ease of grilling mixed with the tenderness of boiling. It yields juicy, steamed corn in about ten minutes. Plus the recipe came in handy this week in our extremely hot non-airconditioned Seattle home. With this method, I could grill corn and not have to heat the kitchen up more with boiling water.

  1. Wrap half of an ear of corn in aluminum foil with an ice cube
  2. Grill for 10 minutes on high, rotating half way through

7213_IceGrilledCorn  7213_IceGrilledCorn_2

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