Tips & Tricks: Pomegranate

Every Christmas stockings were filled with pomegranates. I remember my mom helping us picking through piece by piece — it took forever in those before Pinterest days. I’ve avoided buying pomegranates for years. Kristen posted a beautiful salad with great instructions on how to peel and separate the little pomegranate gem seeds. I craved this salad for long time. It might have taken me a year to make this delicious recipe, but now I have the confidence to buy a pomegranate, so I wanted to re-share her great Tip & Trick .  I now can buy a pomegranate and make a bowl of seeds for my family to snack on or make myself the Kristen’s Pomegranate Wild Rice Salad.


Tip & Trick Pomegranate

Cut the pomegranate in half.
Submerge the halves in a large bowl of water.

pomegranate seeding (2 of 5) Start breaking the pomegranate into a bunch of pieces.

pomegranate seeding (3 of 5)

Remove the arils from the membrane. The membrane will float to the top. The seeds will sink to the bottom. Please note that if your two-year-old is helping (as shown here), you will still get splattered by the pomegranate juice.
pomegranate seeding (4 of 5)

Pour out the water. The membrane will pour out with the water. There will be some small pieces to pick out, but it should only take a couple of minutes. And Ta Dada!

While the pomegranates are in season and cheap, make sure to try this salad.


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